The world is our playground! We are a Geocaching Friendly business and have been caching since it began in  2001. If you would like to learn about this exciting hobby and sport let us help out!

*Book us for an informational HOW TO workshop on geocaching and learn all you need to know to get started solo or with your family and friends. We will meet you in a location in Grayson or Olive HIll, KY to show you the "ropes" and get you started. We will provide you with our personal favorite cache resource, and accompany you to find the first 2 caches before sending you on your way.

*Join our local Eastern KY geocaching group for FREE and stay in touch with upcoming geocaching events and news.  Follow the photo to link to our Facebook Page for local Geocachers in Eastern Ky

 Check out our shop on the main page for some Geocaching merchandise and supplies. IF you see us set up at a local event come visit our table for more Geocaching supplies and info!

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